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July 30, 2014

The office (Plug & Play Tech Center) A&K is located in, gets lots of visitors from Korea.  Personally, Ive come across at least a group or two each month, and they are somewhat lost as to what the purpose of visiting PnP – for that matter, the U.S.A. all together.

So, lately, Ive decided to invite them over to my house to present them with a real experience of dining at a resident of true Ko-American.  Not to elevate myself as a typical or average Ko-American, I come close enough.   Plus who doesnt like the idea of the free dinner in the age of no free lunch. J

Here is a group who visited PnP a week ago.  I can tell that for some of these guys, praying before the meal was very foreign – who knows, they might actually get to  know God thru this weird dinner invitation.   Note – Nate did most of the cooking this time around.


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