Keith Green 28.28.28


From: Kona, Hawaii



Mels msg.

Be radical God wants us to step up to bat and do our part.  Do what He has called us to be.  Speaking to America, we are not doing so good.  We got lots of big churches and we all have families and all good, but how much are we sharing our Jesus?  We need to share the gospel. Let people know that we are exactly who God wanted us to be. Thru that we let them hear the Gospel and invite them to church.

We are going thru lots of economical problem. We are doing well, but otherwise, maybe God is trying to make some adjustment.  We are being shut down by the system. We have to take stance on Gods side maybe not the most comfortable side. We need to know who we are and take stance.  Dont just show up at church.  We need to be changing the world dont you?

God is interested in releasing something for this generation. We are to declare the truth regardless.

Darlene asking everyone to stand wherever they are at to pray together.


John Dawson praying over


Keiths very last video

June of 1982 only a month before his death.


15 TV station broadcasting this concert but God is talking right now He wants us to do something about people going to hell, but He wants to make sure each one of us.

religious sin is especially bad we are responsible for the soul of

How about us not sending money, how about us going

God can not cash the out of state check He wants you.

It is your call to something for Jesus.

Sleep in the light

Jesus came to your door and you left him out in the streets.

Open up open up.

Give yourself away.

Cant you see . The world is sleeping

Jesus rose from the death and you cant even get out bed.

You pretend the job is done.


L. Cunningham being introduced by Keith 1982.

They prayed that there would be 100,000 short term missionary. that was the last time he got to see Keith.  Then he went to Japan to preach.  He heard that Keith died.

The verse came to mind.  grain fall ..

Few weeks later, Mel called, you know what we talking about? Call for youth to be all over the world.   God has give us the day and God still wants us to make that tour Keith memorial concert the Seattle Kingdom was filled packed  Keith introduced thru film go everywhere and preach to the nations.


As a result, 250 cities were toured.  God is now using him again today have you got a call to go to all the world?

Everyone has been called.  Not everyone heard the call.

God has given you a light.  He is calling for us to go to every nation and everyone. Either by jet or by foot.    So we got to everywhere omega zone.  Because Jesus has called us.


Currently teaching 95 languages go into all the world.

Young people have gone into the world.

Last 3 years there has been 4000 missionaries. Jesus is winning, but we need to see the tsunami of love new generation.  You are going to do far more.

There is no place that you can not go today.

Are you ready to pay the price?

There are 20,000 missionaries around the world.

Im here, send me Lord. wherever you want me to go.

Will you say YES to Him now?

There is plenty to do.


People being asked to make the commitment to NEW level.  NEW thing for God.

Melody Green giving charge to these who are committed to go wherever God sends them.


Lord here I am, send me.

Wherever you send, I will go.

Show me when, show me how, I will obey.

I decided .

Hold me to this decision I will obey.

In Jesus name.


Andy Byrd leading the worship wrap up.

Grip us God

Small beginning for Great God.



Notice there is Korean Sub Title at the bottom the screen. There must be lots of Korean @ Kona.


Wow. How can anyone not be challenged after this, I will never know.


Kyung @6:14pm