Gone Fishing – ٴ峬

Sep 17, 2007


ϰ ƴϰ κ Ե ٻڴٺ ̻Ȱ ȸ ٴ ˰ ̴.  ׸ öа ݻ ̴ ѹ ÿϰ ϴ ּ ߽ Ҷ Ȯϰ Ȯϰ ֱ ȸ ̰ .  ̷ δ Ǵ 翪ڵ ûؼ е鿡Ե ȸ ϴ (翪̶ ϰ) ۾ ȴ. 


ڽŵ ׷ Ե ѹ غ Ѵٰ Rev. Kim, IK ޾Ƽ . ٴ峬.



5ÿ Ͼ ġ ؼ  6:30 ε԰ ϴ 3ü ؼ ŷ忡 ٸ е鵵 ô.  ص ߱ ̱ ؼ Ÿ Ģ ȿ Ģ ؼ 8:00 ô.  ѽð ؼ





ø Butֹ̰ ۵Ǹ鼭



ֹ̿ ô޸ٰ ʰ ǽ е




About the Boat.


The TIGERFISH is the most beautiful charter fishing vessel in the fleet. She is a 50 foot DELTA/DELTA fiberglass vessel certified by the U.S. Coast Guard for 49 passengers; however, passenger loads will be limited to a comfortable number. She is powered by a pair of Detroit Diesel 6v92TA diesel engines with a cruising speed of 14 knots. Auxillary power is produced by a 6Kw Northern Lights generator and a 1000 watt Heart Interface inverter. She is outfitted with a full complement of electronics: Furuno 48 mile radar, Furuno sonar, Wesmar scanning sonar, Furuno SSB, 3 GPS units, 2 VHF, hailer, AutoNav autopilot, and a Dytek sea temperature gauge. Essential safety equipment includes: Alden 406 MHz EPIRB, Zodiac inflatable life raft, Type I flotation jackets, 4 portable fire extinguishers, fixed CO2 fire suppression system (engine room), and an 80 gpm firestation. For your comfort she carries 50 gallons of fresh potable water, 6 bunks, an LCD TV, DVD surround sound, and a microwave. The TIGERFISH is ready to fulfill all your fishing dreams. Also important to the operation is the ability to carry live bait. With the TIGERFISHs speed, live bait capacity and other amenities, she chases anything and everything that swims.